BOTOX Cosmetic Surgery

What is BOTOX?

A cosmetic injection liquid treatment that helps reduces fine lines and frowns around your face to give you that younger and beautiful look. This procedure is a non-surgical service that can be performed in the doctor's office without having to be put under. BOTOX is also widely used as a way to help those with facial muscle disorder, unbalance in eye muscles, as well as excessive sweating in different parts of the body, but the most common feature that BOTOX is used for is to rid wrinkles on or around the face.
Beautiful woman — BOTOX Surgery in Binghamton, NY

What is done

The BOTOX is injected into the area that is needed and it stops that transmission of the nerve impulse where it was injected to and makes the muscle stop working for a short period of time. The pain is tolerable to most people because a very fine and thin gauge needle is used to inject the BOTOX into preferred area, at which time the toxin will stop the facial muscle for about an hour or possibly longer. Final results will be noticeable within three to five days, however, it can take up to week to actually see the results of the procedure.

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