Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty also known as an eyelift surgery can help fix droopy eyelids that may need to have excessive muscle, fat and skin removed, as well as assisting with defects, deformities, and disfigurations in the upper or lower part of the eyelids. We do this procedure by making incisions along your natural skin on the top and bottom of the eyelids.

Upper Eyelid

Your upper eyelid is susceptible to other issues, aside from droopy lids. For example, you have a collection of fat above and below your eye that cushions your eye. The orbital septum keeps this collection of fat in place.

However, as you age, your orbital septum weakens. The fat pad that cushions your upper eyelid will start to protrude and bulge awkwardly, creating a sagging hood over your eyelid. This not only blocks vision but it creates a tired and “older” look.
Woman with beautiful eyes — — Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery in Binghamton, NY

Lower Eyelid

Woman's Eyelid ready for surgery — — Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery in Binghamton, NY
Like the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid is vulnerable to bags, wrinkles, and sagging. Your wrinkles start as tiny lines underneath your eye, or maybe crow's-feet beside your eye. Unfortunately, those fine lines become deeper and more pronounced with time.

Also, as the orbital septum weakens, the fat pad in the lower eye pushes against the lower eyelid. But instead of creating a drooping hood, it results in puffy bags beneath the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the procedure performed?
    • For the upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made along the top region of the eyelid and the excessive fat, muscles, and skin is removed. For the lower eyelid, an incision is made below the eye and again the extra fat and muscle are discarded. The incisions are then sutured up and bandages are placed over the eyes to help reduce the swelling.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    • Eyelid procedure for both the upper and lower part can range from one and half hours to three hours
  • What is the recovery time?
    • Recovery time is usually a few weeks, but the stitches can be removed in two to five days.
  • Will the procedure require an overnight hospital stay?
    • This procedure may have you staying overnight either one or two days
  • Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?
    • The ideal candidate for this procedure is:
      • Healthy patient
      • Non-smoker
      • Non-serious eye condition
  • How much pain is involved?
    • Pain level can depend on the patient, but most patients say that the pain is tolerable, and if anything medication will be prescribed to help with the pain.
  • How much does this procedure cost?
    • Every plastic surgeon cost can vary, but the average cost for eyelid surgery can cost up to $2,800

For more information on the procedure, contact our office today to learn more about our upper and lower eyelid services.